The World's Most Expensive Cars


The ‘Fast and the Furious’ film franchise never ceases to amaze fans.

Crazy Cars Used In 'Fate Of The Furious'

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A car is no longer something that simply takes you from point A to point B. A luxury car can represent your pride and joy; a

Top Five Most Expensive Vehicles Of 2017

Our society seems destined to be completely driverless one day. So many companies are currently working...

Driverless Car City Straight Out Of The Future

Floyd Mayweather continues to make news, two years after he last entered the ring. The 40-year-old boxer who hasn’t

Floyd Mayweather Car Collector

Uber is not the only taxi service alternative currently on the market. There are the likes of Hailo, Lyft, Sidecar, BlackJet, and Swifto.

Why Uber Has Been So Successful

It’s time for you to start looking for your next ride. You’re a classy gentleman which requires only the utmost class and style

Purchasing your next exciting ride

Whether it’s used for a street race or a long camping trip, car collectors crave power

American Made Cars With The Most Power

25-year-old Alexander Rossi is nearly a year away from making history at the Indy 500.

Alexander Rossi Seeks Repeat At Indy

Alexander Rossi failed to make history Sunday at the Indy 500, but Takuma Sato did.

Sato Enters Record Books At Indy

Tesla's Model X Is Pushing Up Insurance Rates. New vehicles are so costly to repair.

Tesla’s Costly Repairs Could Inflate Insurance

The latest rumblings coming out of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino.

Apple Dives Into Automotive Industry

The car rental company Avis has reached an agreement

Alphabet And Avis Provide Self-Driving Cars

The car-buying process is one of the most dreaded experiences

Autobahn Motors Revolutionizes Luxury Car Sales

Jaguar Land Rover has created 5,000 new positions in the UK

Jaguar Land Rover Adding To UK Staff

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