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Uber is not the only taxi service alternative currently on the market. There are the likes of Hailo, Lyft, Sidecar, BlackJet, and Swifto. The second most successful after Uber is Lyft, but Uber still has the ride-sharing alternative beat out by far in cities in which it is readily available. Uber as a company is worth many billions more as well. All things considered, Uber is easily the most successful of the young, emerging industry. To put it bluntly, Uber is so enormously successful because it hones in on a very real need in today’s marketplace. However, it is more than a matter of just providing the right product at the right time. 

Uber is the result of a brilliant business strategy. On the surface, their strategy has perfectly captured the supply and demand in many different sectors of the international public. And, individuals in any of these sectors can easily use the service via the very convenient app or on the web. You can do this literally anywhere there is an internet connection. It is easiest to connect to them at select large cities throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Anyone with a car can become an Uber driver as well, but the organization does have very strict guidelines that their prospective drivers must meet to be considered.

 In fact, Uber is widely applauded for all its standards as far as drivers, customer service, branding, and funding. Uber has become the much-preferred method over traditional taxis for the general public. Customers appreciate that they usually arrive less than ten minutes after called. And, you don’t need to have cash on hand, since the money comes out of an account you set up beforehand.

However, you just need to do this once. After the initial set up, you are good to go. When your Uber request is completed, they send you the person’s picture so you don’t hop in the car with the wrong person. In everything it does, Uber’s business strategy is committed to an easy-access style.

Uber and its competitors are giving the taxis and limousines a run for their money by expanding upon the industry that they once dominated. These industries are collectively estimated to be worth about $11 billion per year in the U.S. As mentioned, Lyft is presently second best, but it is racing with Uber to be the top dog. And it is fast becoming intense competition. Both companies are putting a lot of money at risk on their warpaths. Both companies definitely have their own obstacles to overcome, but they also have the chops that are needed for the task.

For now, Uber really doesn’t need to worry too much. They have some of the most lucrative investors in the business world on their side such as, Microsoft, Baidu, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, and Jeff Bezos. With the support of these top organizations and a customer experience that lacks equal competition, it is safe to assume that Uber and its incredible business model, are here to stay.