The ultimate joy ride for luxury vehicle enthusiasts

So far, we’ve touched on the fastest cars, most expensive cars, and top luxury car brands of 2017. Now, it’s time to take a look at the top luxury cars of the year. Of course, the top brands such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche are going to have some of the top vehicles on the market year-in and year-out; however, you might be surprised to see some of the other brands that landed their 2017 models on the top five luxury cars list.

2017 Tesla Model S

For $68,000, you can purchase the top electric car on the market. The Tesla Model S is a fully-electric sedan that can seat anywhere from five to seven passengers, which is rare for a vehicle that qualifies as a luxury sports car. An added bonus to owning an all-electric car is the extra storage space in the front trunk, which makes this machine an all-in-one masterpiece.

2017 Genesis G90

Genesis is a new brand that is currently owned by Hyundai, although it is trying to separate itself from the South Korean manufacturer. The G90 is a part of the large luxury class and comes stocked with a 365-horsepower twin-turbocharged V6 engine, although you can choose to upgrade to a more powerful V8. The only knock on the G90 is the lack of trunk space and fuel economy compared to rival vehicles.

2017 Porsche Cayman

A number of Porsche models could’ve made this list, but the Porsche Cayman made the biggest impression in 2017. Basically the 718 Boxster’s twin, the Cayman costs only about $54,000 and allows for more space for passengers, due to its hard-top design, as opposed to the Boxster’s convertible configuration. The Cayman also has two trunks for more storage space, something that Porsche vehicles tend to lack.

2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Performance. Technology. Comfort. Quality. The Mercedes-Benz S Class is the gold standard for 2017 luxury vehicles. It is one of the most expensive luxury cars released in 2017, costing nearly $100,000; however, it also includes everything you could ever want in a car. Dual 12.3-inch touch screens and active park assist, complete with automatic parking, make this machine a true work of art, but one of the most unique elements of the S-Class is its “Magic Body Control” feature that uses a camera to scan the road ahead and adjust the vehicle’s suspension to accommodate for any changes in the terrain.  

2017 Audi A7

The A7 is the most practical model on the list, although its overall look could rival any luxury car on the market. The spacious cabin and flawless interior makes this car stand out amongst the rest. It may not be as fast as some of the vehicles listed above, but for just under $69,000, you are certainly getting the most bang for your buck with the Audi A7.