The ultimate joy ride for luxury vehicle enthusiasts

Everyone knows that the Super Bowl is about more than just a game. It’s an event all its own. Between the halftime show and the commercials, the NFL’s biggest game attracts more unique viewers than any other major sporting event. In the automotive industry, the Super Bowl means shelling out a boatload of cash to promote the newest, hottest vehicle on the market. Some brands find tremendous success, while others fall flat. Here are the Super Bowl car ad winner and losers in 2018.



Jeep was undoubtedly the Super Bowl winner among automobile brands. Unlike most car ads now-a-days, Jeep primarily focused on the product and let its performance speak for itself. Focusing on the fact that its vehicles have no bounds, Jeep does a wonderful job promoting the new Cherokee and Wrangler. In fact, the one ad that they decided to add flare to did a terrific job piggybacking off the newfound success of Jurassic Park. Plus, who doesn’t love them a little Jeff Goldblum?


The early reviews for Marvel’s Black Panther have been otherworldly, so it makes sense that Lexus wanted to cash in on the film’s popularity. By portraying its new 2018 LS Sedan as King T’Challa’s car, Lexus shows that its vehicles are fit for a king. And of course, the awesome action scenes that were incorporated into the ad make for a fun experience for all viewers.


To be clear, Hyundai ran two separate Super Bowl ads, but only one of them qualified for the winners list. Highlighting the Kona subcompact SUV, Hyundai’s ad featured a youth soccer referee doing his best to get all the coaches and parents out of there as quick as possible. With the “Big Game” about to start, he proceeds to give every player a red card until there are no players left on either team. At the end of the contest, every parent snags their child and runs to their car as fast as they can.



Kia tried to do some weird stuff with Steven Tyler’s face, in an attempt to transport him back to his younger self. Let’s just say it was not a success. It’s sad, because the car they were promoting is supposed to be one of the best of the year.


This rugged truck company used a group of Vikings to show off their Ram 1500, but it is a minute-long commercial poking fun at the Minnesota Vikings. The tough men sail across the ocean and drive across the countryside to get to Minneapolis for the Super Bowl, only to realize that their beloved Vikings did not make it. It was a bit of a stretch.