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Lyft made a huge move in its quest to challenge Uber as the premiere ride-hailing company in the world. Lyft is already a major rival to Uber but has a long way to go to reach the heights of its much larger competitor. Nevertheless, Lyft announced Monday that it is expanding to Toronto, Ontario, which would be the first international city to offer its services. In fact, the company’s president and co-founder John Zimmer told the Toronto Star that he expects Toronto to eventually become one of their five largest markets.

Canadian Resistance

Of course, Lyft has been taking advantage of the many scandals and legal battles that Uber has been caught up in as of late. Moving into an international market is just another step toward challenging its rival. Uber has been operating in Toronto for five years but has encountered plenty of resistance from Canadian citizens, primarily taxicab services. Taxi drivers have protested against Uber for not following the same rules as the taxi industry. It actually reached a point where Toronto officials were seriously considering banning Uber, but fortunately for the ride-hailing company, Ontario’s Superior Court refused the request in 2015. On the other hand, Lyft plans to adhere to all of the city’s rules and regulations in order to complete a smooth transition with America’s northern neighbor.

Lyft’s Deal With Ford

Lyft has been exploring the possibility of an initial public offering sometime in 2018. The company is currently in the process of trying to raise $1 billion in financing through a variety of different ventures, including Alphabet’s investment company, CapitalG. Lyft’s hope is to carve out a space in the self-driving sector. They’ve already been taking steps in the right direction, agreeing to a partnership with Ford Motor Company in September. The deal is to develop autonomous-vehicle designs and technology, which includes the opening of a new research facility in Palo Alto, California.