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Jaguar Hopes To Hire Employees Through The Use Of A New App

Jaguar Land Rover has created 5,000 new positions in the UK. The country’s largest car manufacturer has created the openings in search of qualified engineers. This comes after the carmaker sold more vehicles these past twelve months than any other year in its nearly century of business.

Jaguar's New Campaign 

The company has decided to get creative with the hiring process. Jaguar has partnered up with the rock band Gorillaz for use of its mixed reality app. The app will act as Jaguar’s recruitment tool as it seeks engineers for its various plants. Applicants won’t simply post their resumes though, instead the app will test their electronic capabilities.

Engineers will first be tasked with electronically assembling one of Jaguar’s newly arranged sports cars. After that job has been completed, they will then face a series of puzzles designed to keep the mind stimulated. The company believes its new initiative will lead to the hirings of the most technologically efficient workers on the market.

This is not the first time the car company has joined forces with the Gorillaz. The band’s female guitarist already serves as Jaguar’s racing ambassador. The “Feel Good Inc” rockers launched their app back in April to help promote their upcoming album. A virtual reality experience quickly made the app very popular amongst music fans. The futuristic look and feel combined with its database of young users, made the app a solid recruitment choice for Jaguar.

Jaguar Staff Breakdown

The new positions with Jaguar break down like this: 1,000 electronic engineers along with 4,000 additional manufacturers. Jaguar believes the entire hiring process could last up to a year, with nearly all the jobs being located in the UK. The new engineers will begin the process of creating electronic models for nearly half of all its new vehicles in production.

Jaguar Land Rover reportedly moved more than 600,000 vehicles from April 2016 to March 2017. The company relied heavily on exports during that time period since the Brexit decision momentarily stifled the UK’s economy. Already employing more than 40,000 workers globally, the recent sales surge suggested Jaguar needed to further add to its staff.