The ultimate joy ride for luxury vehicle enthusiasts

A Ferrari was purchased for a hefty sum of money this past weekend, but it was not just any Ferrari. It was a Limited-Edition Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta. It was sold at an RM Sotheby’s auction that was held in Ferrari’s hometown of Maranello as part of the luxury automaker’s 70th anniversary. The car was originally priced at just over 1.8 million euros, or $2.2 million, but it was expected to sell for upwards of 4 million euros, or about $4.9 million. After 12 powerful bidders battled it out, the final sale closed at 8.3 million euros, or about $10 million, which makes it the most expensive new factory car ever purchased.

The automobile is referred to as a hypercar and can go from 0 to 124 mph in less than seven seconds. The open-top Aperta features a V12 engine twinned with an electric motor to give it an incredible 950 horsepower.

Limited Edition Custom Paint

A big reason that the LaFerrari Aperta skyrocketed to $10 million is the rarity of not just the vehicle itself but the custom paint job that cloaked the powerful machine. The deep red model that was purchased at auction was one of just 210 produced with a metallic Rosso Fuoco paint job, which means that it was finished with a special-order triple layer paint to give it a very definitive appearance. The paint job also included a double metallic Bianco Italia racing stripe on its hood and tail to add to the hypercar’s rarity.

Proceeds Donated To Charity

The best part about the historic auction was that all proceeds from this particular sale were donated to the Save the Children fund. Last year, a hardtop LaFerrari was sold for $7 million, and Ferrari donated the entire sum to the victims of the devastating Italian earthquakes. This year, they upped the anti by donating the entire $10 million to charity. The auction house even waived the fee on the sale; however, the winning bidder will have to pay tax on the purchase.