The ultimate joy ride for luxury vehicle enthusiasts



Our society seems destined to be completely driverless one day. So many companies are currently working on self-driving car models. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time until all these vehicles are street legal and safe. That possibility certainly appears to be on the docket for the University of Michigan lately.

Right now, the school is currently building a 32-acre driverless car city, where developers can freely test their new models. The tentatively named, “M City”may be one of the biggest developments in the self-driving car industry. This $10 million city looks to provide the perfect testing location for companies to work out the kinks with their driverless cars.

The best part for developers is the real-life conditions that their
models will face. In M City, the volume of pedestrians and other cars will constantly change. These evolving factors are exactly what companies are looking for. What better way to find out how the cars will react to the public, then run a full simulation in M City? More than 40 buildings will make up the landscape of the city. Plenty of traffic lights and bridges will be implemented as well.

M City pedestrians will be played by robots. These robots will be programmed to walk or run right into oncoming traffic, in order to test the cars in every way possible. If companies are looking to save a few bucks, they will be exposed as well. M City features some gravel to test for solid paint jobs. If the driverless cars can survive this erratic society, then perhaps they can make it in the real world.

The newly constructed city will be located at the University of Michigan campus. The school has a lot of its funding coming from big companies, including Nissan, Honda, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors Company. This massive project definitely has the potential to serve as the groundwork to the future of transportation.