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Just months after teasing one of the most ambitious self-driving projects ever seen, Apple has decided to cut back on its efforts. Instead, the company is focusing on the technology within the vehicle and not the vehicle itself. In an even more modest and surprising move, Apple is believed to be investing in autonomous vehicle technology for its employees only in the near future.

Apple Shifts Projects

The car program was initially titled, “Titan” with an emphasis on producing a large autonomous fleet of vehicles. But recently, Apple felt it necessary to work on a smaller scale. The company believes its future will be in Siri, not the automobile industry. It’s hard to pinpoint why CEO Tim Cook decided to pull the plug on the original idea, but it’s not crazy to rule out the possibility of the company jumping back into autonomous vehicles at some point.

In the past few weeks, Apple decided to shift its emphasis on self-driving cars. The pint-sized project will begin soon as the company is reportedly working on an autonomous shuttle for employees only. The shuttle will be used to transport workers from building to building at Apple’s campus. The project was dubbed “PAIL” – short for Palo Alto to Infinite Loop.

Apple Invests In Self-Driving Technology

Apple’s plans to dive into the self-driving car industry has been one of the tech giant’s worst kept secrets. Cook did not try to hide the fact that Apple wanted to work on a revolutionary car project. In fact, Apple was so invested that it got a permit to test its self-driving fleet in California back in April. With experts predicting the autonomous industry would be worth $7 trillion, Apple poured many assets into the massive project. Only time will tell if this is just a minor bump in the road for the company’s innovative self-driving fleet.