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Apple Wants To Create The Ultimate Smart Car

The latest rumblings coming out of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California have linked the company to a revolutionary car project. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, CEO Tim Cook said Apple was interested in venturing into the self-driving vehicles market. This statement comes as no surprise as the company has had a rumored enthusiasm in the car industry for several years.

Project Titan

The initiative, reportedly titled ‘Project Titan' was first launched in 2014. But over the course of the past three years, Apple has shifted its focus from developing an electric car to self-driving automobiles. Since then, the company has begun testing their technology on nearby Silicon Valley streets after obtaining a permit in April for its driverless SUVs.

The project is being hailed as the combination of three automotive advancements: electric cars, ride-sharing, and self-driving vehicles. This leaves many pundits to wonder exactly how the technology industry giant could combine these factors into the complete driving machine of the future. Can the world expect Apple to be behind the ultimate smart car?

Can Apple Combine Ride Sharing With Driver-less Technology?

While Cook refused to give further details, Apple’s latest endeavor is just a small component of an emerging industry. Uber and Waymo have already launched efforts to enter the autonomous vehicle market before it truly takes off. Experts predict the market could be worth up to $7 trillion in the next 30 years.

Apple has continued to flourish since Cook took over for the late Steve Jobs in 2011. The company has produced successful products such as AppleTV, iPhone 7, and the MacBook Pro under the 56-year-old’s guidance. With the iMac Pro and HomePod set to debut later this year, there had been wide speculation about the company’s next venture. Perhaps it was only a matter of time before Apple decided to take a slice of the budding car industry.

The CEO put all the speculation to rest by confirming Apple will be focusing on autonomous driving vehicles in the near future. Already sitting atop the technology industry, Cook hopes to make Apple a leader in transportation as well.