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It has become clear that Amazon has no boundaries when it comes to Alexa. The company has taken the next step in smart speaker integration by teaming up with Garmin to create a mini Echo Dot for your car. Of course, Garmin has been known for its navigation devices, as well as its wearable technology line. Combine the two companies’ specialties, and you get an all-in-one, hands-free device that can control essentially every piece of technology in your vehicle.

Garmin Speak Design

The device will be called the Garmin Speak, and it has been described as “disk-like.” To be honest, it is just a miniature version of Amazon’s Echo Dot made for automobiles. The Speak is circular-shaped with a diameter of about 1.5 inches and includes the same glowing blue LED light as the original Dot. Inside the circular faceplate of the device is an OLED display that will show arrows, icons, and numbers that will complement the audible turn-by-turn instructions. Garmin created the device to resemble its previous navigational devices in the sense that it will be attached via windshield mounts, making it easily accessible for voice command.

Hands-Free Integration

For all the current Alexa users, have no fear, because the Garmin Speak will be fully integrated with your other Amazon smart speakers. Although a separate app is necessary for GPS navigation, the Garmin Speak can sync up with your Alexa app, so that you can still request updates on news, weather, and sports in the car. The fully-integrated device will also allow you to accept or ignore phone calls, verbally control your music, and even save multiple addresses within the app for easy voice control access while on the road. Arguably the coolest element of the Speak is that Alexa can still link up with other smart speakers in your home, so that through her smart controls, you can turn the lights on in your home from the front seat of your car before you even pull into your driveway.